Gene Falkenberg

In his poem, Gene Falkenberg reminisces about La Crosse Oktoberfest in the 1960s. In his memory, he recounts the Oktoberfest grounds and the great bands that produced foot-tapping music. Gene remembers the Maple Leaf Parade that brought, and still brings, everyone together for a festive occasion.


Location: Corner of La Crosse St. and 2nd St. North

My name is Grumpy Grandpa. I wrote a story about Oktoberfest. I’ve selected as honorable mention in the Hear, Here Contest.

La Crosse Oktoberfest back in the 1960s
Had many nice Old Time musical Activities
At the South Side Oktoberfest Grounds
All of the music had Polka & Waltz Sounds
Mary E. Sawyer had family time Themes
Outdoor activities produced kids’ Screams
Then in the evening played a German Band
Great name Bands, the best in the Land
On the street people played music Daily
When stopped on Red, people Hurriedly
Danced with someone from another Car
Everyone had a lot of fun from near & Far
The Maple Leaf Parade, was held on Saturday
Bands march and play their best that Day
College students mark a square on the Road
Put $1 in a pot, & hope a horse will Unload
Then collect the pot & all will have a Party
Drinking beer having fun & festing Heartily
Some didn’t handle their drinks very Well
And end up in the County Cross Bar Hotel